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Why not give your online event or presentation a broadcast look?


CALL STUDIO TV is a 3D interface for producing virtual events and corporate presentations.

Participants connect remotely through their cameras. The result is a program with the professional quality reminiscent of television broadcasts.

The resulting virtual events, very different from what viewers are used to seeing, can be broadcast through YouTube, Vimeo or any other public or private content distribution network (CDN) given their ease of integration.

The interface

The CALL STUDIO TV interface is a 3D space where it’s possible to customize color ranges and lighting. It provides windows in which to integrate images of the speakers, videos, logos, animated graphics and presentations.

 We have several solutions available for different types of events:
CSTV allows up to 16 simultaneous speakers; CSTV Lite is designed for 4 speakers, and with CSTV Custom we design and program an exclusive interface for your event or presentation.

How it works

We take care of the whole process: from conceiving the event in line with the client’s requirements to support during the broadcast. The result is an enriched virtual experience that makes our clients’ presentations stand out from the current offer of streaming content and professional presentations.

Six reasons why your digital event will be a unique experience

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Behind Call Studio TV is Pictures That Move, with a track record of over 25 years producing immersive and interactive experiences, video, TV content and commercials for leading international brands.

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